Dental Implants

Dental implants are the standard treatment to replace missing or extracted teeth. Dental implants serve a variety of purposes including the replacement of a single tooth, an anchor for a future bridge, or improving the retention of dentures.

The entire implant process requires approximately 6-9  months. The first step is to install the implant itself. During this first step, you will be offered sedation and local anesthetic, based on your unique needs. Next, your dentist will carefully secure a titanium screw into the jaw bone. At this point, multiple implants can be placed at once.

The implant must then be allowed ~ 3-6 months for healing. The healing period is dependent on the quality and health of your jaw bone. During this time, the bone will fuse with the implant in a process called osseointegration. During this healing time, we will offer you a temporary appliance (partial/complete denture or crown) for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Following the healing process, your dentist will place an abutment on the implant. The abutment later acts as the base for the crown placement.  Next, an impression of the abutment is taken and used to create your permanent restoration.

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